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Quiz Question
Saturday, October 3, 2010

Winner to be announced
Sunday, November 7, 2010


Please send your Questions to:

Prize - Dinner for Two

at the Green Papaya
4922 Elm Street, Bethesda


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"The Decline: 
The Geography of a Recession"

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Start Drilling

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Improving the the “Pickens Plan”

Jay Zawatsky's American Renewal Platform

Plank 1 - Follow the Harding-Coolidge Model of tax rate cuts and government spending cuts. See Cato's
"Handbook for Policymakers"

Plank 2 - Start drilling to replace imported petroleum with domestic natural gas.

Plank 3 - Radically Reform the Entitlement Programs, Social Security and Medicare

Plank 4 - Institute "Term Limits" on all Member of the House of Representatives and the US Senate

Plank 5 - End the federal Reserve and abandon fiat currency

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